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Social Responsibility

Our goal is to contribute to society as a whole and Corporate Social Responsibility is part of a long-term strategy, arising from its debt to support society, recognizing that people are its strength.
The Social Responsibility actions we carry out:

Welcome of IEK students, assistant pharmacists


Students and assistant pharmacists of IEK visit Newpharm in order to be guided to the company’s facilities and premises and to be informed about the operation of the pharmacy.

Collection of drugs

Newpharm employees collect drugs for the Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Ioannina.



Through sponsorships, we support Greek sports, with the aim of highlighting the competitive spirit.
-Newpharm has offered sponsorship to the World Champions and Olympians of NOI, Giannis Tsili and Elias Pappas, for their participation in the World Coastal Rowing Championship in Thessaloniki
-Newpharm is the official sponsor of the basketball team of medical visitors to Ioannina, which participates in the labor championship of the prefecture.



Newpharm has taken care of free supply and distribution to the Ioannina Police Department of personal protective equipment (masks, nitrile gloves, antiseptics) as well as to a Defibrillator Donation in the Region of Epirus for disposal at the national stadium of Ioannina “Zosimades”. He has also made donations to Doctors Without Borders and the social pharmacy of the municipality of Ioannina.

Voluntary blood donation


In collaboration with the General Hospital of Hatzikosta, voluntary blood donation is carried out at the company’s premises by Newpharm employees

  • Welcome of IEK students, assistant pharmacists
  • Collection of drugs
  • Sponsors
  • Donations
  • Voluntary blood donation
Collaborations and products

Our partners

Newpharm works with companies of high quality product at the best market prices