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Infrastructures - Facilities

In 2002, with investments exceeding 1.4 million Euros, there were created modern facilities of 2150 square meters, in a privately owned area of 13.000 square meters, which fullfill all the necessary conditions for safe storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

In 2017, with a new investment of 1,2 million Euros, the company has completely modernized and automated its order processing system with the latest and most modern systems of austrian company KNAPP and MOTOROLA.

Product safety
Product safety is a key concern of Newpharm. State-of-the-art systems are used that provide stable environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, lighting) controlled by the Building Management System.

From the receipt of the products to the placement of the order on the loading ramp, the automation of the works amounts to 70%. In our facilities, from the most modern Logistic Centers in Europe, 20,000 products are stored and 1,500 customer orders are executed daily in an automated way.

This is how we ensure consistency with:

-Speed and timely delivery
-Minimize errors

Collaborations and products

Our partners

Newpharm works with companies of high quality product at the best market prices