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Bioearth snack

Tasty Choices for Organic Bars and C-POPS lollipops with Vitamin C


Health, energy, stimulation ... Naturally!
Organic BIOEARTH snack bars 60gr are the ultimate healthy snack for kids and... "elder" people for all day. With basic ingredients of high quality organic oats and pure honey, no sugar added or preservatives we created 5 wonderful flavors with cocoa and fruit. Ideal for breakfast, school, break, excursion, extracurricular activities.

Unique, Natural, and Delicious!
The organic lollipops C-POPS are the only ones that contain natural vitamin C from Acerola and not synthetic chemical ascorbic acid.
The organic origin of the ingredients ensures a wonderful natural and sweet taste without unnecessary artificial additives. Choose the joy of nature with C-POPS lollipops, offering your children a natural and pure lollipop, for many sweet smiles.
Organic Lollipops C-POPS..... the ultimate choice for our little and big friends in 5 incredible flavors!

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Oat Bars


Counter display stands are available where 32 pieces of the 5 different flavours of Bioearth Snack organic bars can fit. These bars weigh 60 grams each and are available in five different flavours, namely Strawberry, Banana, Biscuit, Forest Fruit and Hazelnut.



Available counter display stands that can hold 32 pieces of the different flavors of C-POPS Organic Lollipops.C-POPS Organic Lollipops are the ultimate choice for our young and old friends in 5 flavors with Natural Vitamin C: Strawberry, Pomegranate, Apple, Cherry, Coca Cola.

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